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New Thread for a new year!

posted Jan 28, 2011 16:11:17 by m_jackson1987
Alright, here's the thing...any post dated before this one (with the exception of the weapons request thread) please ignore. K? Any questions, comments, etc. please post in this thread and they will be responded to. Like I said on the guild wall, I will continue to be around and reachable but not so much on DW for a couple more days and then I will try to get back on more. Thanks for sticking it out with us at PH Guild! It is my biggest hope that we will eventually have enough members with great stats to put us up there with the higher guilds. Until that time, keep doing what we do best: fight your level, and kill everything!! :)
MiZz NeElA, tHe BiZ-nItCh Of AlL bIz-NiTcHeS
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